The Lancet Regional Health is a new suite of general medical open access journals publishing quality research focused on six regions of the world.

Improving health outcomes for people in all corners of the world
Interdependence and collaboration are fundamental to solving the problems that we face as a society. The Lancet Regional Health is a new suite of open access general medical journals publishing high-quality, evidence-based research focused on six regions of the world. Our goal is to improve health outcomes by advancing the research agenda, advocating for equal access to quality healthcare for all, and fostering the advancement of clinical practice and health policy.

Every region. Equal access. Better health.

Regional focus, global benefits

A champion for change in the region

  • The editorial agenda ensures that the topics we cover can be utilised by national health workforce and systems, and public health policy.
  • Observational studies, clinical trials, health systems, and policy research focus on populations on the city, province, and country level.
  • Our regional focus is inspired by the World Health Organization (WHO) groupings.

World-class editorial support and leadership

  • The titles will be managed by experienced editors based in the region working in collaboration with our editorial team in London.
  • All original research is subject to rigorous standards of external clinical peer review by expert referees.
  • Our editors are active in the community and committed to engagement with stakeholders on a national and regional level.

Unparalleled reach and visibility for regional research

  • All our journals are highly cited and widely read so they can be discussed, debated, and acted upon.
  • All regional titles will be gold open access, which means articles will be immediately and permanently accessible for all.
  • All open access content features on and ScienceDirect, the leading platform for peer-reviewed scholarly literature.